Moosestuck: Act 5 Act 1

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The following description was written by CohostAI:Every story worth its salt has a rhythm to it, a pace that carries the narrative forward, and Homestuck is no different. So, what did we feel about how the story unfolded? Was it too slow? Too fast? Just right? And how about that troll discourse? Engrossing or exhausting? We explore all this and more, including the herculean task of editing a narrative as complex as Homestuck. And then there are those compelling themes - kids and trolls, world-building, till death programming language. We didn't just read Homestuck, we lived it./end AI descriptionAnyway AI also said this is the nonbinary episode, but really it's the troll focused episode that is Act 5 Act 1 aka HivebentThe transcript for this episode was autogenerated and has not been edited outside of adding speaker names. Support the showEdited and music by DomiWebsiteNewsletterKo-fiDiscordTwitterYoutubeTumblrDomi's SoundcloudDomi's Ko-FiThe Unofficial Homsetuck CollectionFanstuck/Problematic Faves Submission FormStart your own podcast!

Jackie: Hi and welcome back to
Live Laugh Stuck. My name is

Jackie aka Jax, my pronouns are
they, them, and I am here once

again with Moosey.

Moosie: Yay, hi, hi, my pronouns
are also they them.

Jackie: Yes, and I don't know
why that was such an ecstatic


Moosie: Yes, your pronouns are
also they them.

Jackie: I guess it's partially
because the episode with your

cousin just recently came out
and that was also another they

them. I don't know, it was just
a they them podcast.

Moosie: Non-binary culture is
reading Homestuck.

Jackie: I mean, yeah, it really
is So much so that it turned it

transed the creator. But we are
here for the very exciting to

some people, act 5, act 1. And I
say to some people because I'm

gathering from your very subtle
hints in the notes you sent me

that you weren't a huge fan.

Moosie: Yeah, every time like I
would read through it while

sitting in voice chat with
friends and then I just it would

be good, i would be so slow at
reading the Pester logs and

stuff and they'll be like how's
it going? And you're like you

know, i'm like I fucking hate
this. This is my homework that

I'm doing.

Jackie: Yeah, so it was like the
long Pester logs you didn't

like, or the whole overall vibe
or like. what did you not like

about this Act?

Moosie: Honestly, it was just
probably the Pester logs and

having to read all of the
different lead speak that one

really slowed me down. And two
was just like and mean to my

brain, like my brain did not
want to take in the information

or spend time decoding these

Jackie: Yeah, i did see in your
notes you were wondering if

there's a mod that got rid of it
, and I'm pretty sure there is.

Moosie: Okay, that would help my
old person brain or my. ADHD

brain or something.

Jackie: Yeah, it's either a mod
or it's already a setting.

that's in there, but yes.

Moosie: So maybe with five to
all turn that on. Like I feel

like you had mentioned before
that you recognize trolls based

on their typing quirks, but at
this point I'm just like maybe I

can learn that later and just
focus on what's being said right

now and not Yeah, no, that's

Jackie: It can be hard to parse.
There is a lot of reading.

Usually people just get invested
in one or more of the

characters and that's what keeps
them interested. But you not a

not a fan of any of the

Moosie: Nobody has really been
appealing to me this far, like

some people are just more
annoying than others. But yeah,

i didn't really like feel any
sort of feelings for anybody as

I was reading.

Jackie: That's incredible. I
mean to be fair about the

annoying thing they are based
off of, like internet trolls,

stereotype, terrible internet
people, So so I mean that is

kind of the point. I'm sorry,
This is so fun for me. I mean

like I don't even know why I'm
so ecstatic about your just

complete dislike of this act,
which is where you usually be

like no, no, no, skip acts one
through four. Just go straight

to to act five.

Moosie: I'm still probably like
John Egbert's, the best. He's

just so doofy.

Jackie: He is pretty doofy.

Moosie: As far as astrological
science go, i'm an Aries, so I

guess I like the dead robot lady
the most.

Jackie: Yeah, the dead frog
robot lady. now, i mean, a radio

is a pretty good, pretty good
one to choose. So I'm actually

going to make you go through all
of them and tell me your

thoughts. And Aries is the first
one, anyway, if you go by

astrological and blood cast

Moosie: So I have them in a
different order, so you'll have

to tell me which order to go in.

Jackie: What order do you have
them in?

Moosie: I have like a summary
printout that shows red team and

then blue team And it also
lists out like their name, their

role, their planet name, their
online name, their loses, the

way they troll the kids.

Jackie: That's very good. Let's
go with your your order, then,

so I don't have to have it
mentally in my head and you have

it listed out.

Moosie: There's Carcat, which I
guess I also like a bit more

because he's angry but also
seems very stupid.

Jackie: Yeah, angry and very
stupid. Yeah, that that tracks.

Moosie: Yeah, some of them I
didn't really get a good feeling

for, like the blind girl kept
licking stuff and that was weird

and gross, like kind of adverse
to tongues.

Jackie: Oh, that's going to be
very hard with Terezi for sure.

Moosie: I don't even remember
very much about Gamze, except

just that he's a juggalo or

Jackie: I'm a Capricorn, so
imagine imagine me seeing it So

like I've said this before, like
on Twitter and some other

places, but like I got so
excited when I saw the Capricorn

symbol pop up and it was purple
, because I love purple, yeah.

And then imagine my
disappointment, i'm sorry to

Gamze stands out there. I, i
love you all and I don't dislike

Gamze as much as I used to. I,
in fact, love the characters

more and more each time I read
this, but the first time I read

it, no, i did not want this
juggalo clown troll. Man is my


Moosie: Yeah, tavros seemed fine
, i don't. I also didn't get a

whole lot of a personality out
of him. Yeah, it was funny when

he got kissed. I like the
animations. Yeah, i like the

animations in the in Homestuck,
you know, those are still pretty


Jackie: Yeah.

Moosie: I feel like Friske
definitely had a lot of stuff in

this act, and so now I know
that the meme I had been hearing

about her of risk it did
nothing wrong was incorrect.

Jackie: Yeah, that's why it's
the meme. It does everything

wrong and nothing wrong and
everything right and nothing

right Literally made to be a
controversial character.

Moosie: So I mean, yeah, she
seems to just be made to be bad

And maybe there were some things
that were trying to make her

look a little bit more
empathizable or something, but I

, yeah, there wasn't a whole lot
, i don't think. Also, i don't

understand troll relationships,
but we can get to that later.

Jackie: OK.

Moosie: I guess that's how it's
pronounced. I didn't really get

much of a personality from her
either. I mean, I know she

talked between some of them, but
I just don't remember much

about her. I know she's been
trolling through the first part

of the story.

Jackie: She I mean she had that
unrequited crush on on Friske

because she got all sad when she
realized she made the dress for

Friske and Friske wanted to use
it to seduce someone else.

Moosie: I remember that part. I
didn't realize that Friske had

premeditated the wearing address
to try to seduce someone to

Traverus Equious I why is he
perspire all of the time? He's

just a sweaty man. He seems
pretty unlikable. Usually I like

like the techie people or like
people who can build robots or

whatever, but doesn't seem like
a very friendly person.

Jackie: Yeah, he's hard to like
on a first read through.

Moosie: Iradia, I guess, also
kind of stood out because she

had a lot more story stuff. But
I also don't know a whole lot

about her or her personality,
besides just being dead.

Jackie: To be fair, that's kind
of her personality in this act

Nepeta definitely reminds me of
some people I've known on the


Moosie: Yeah, she's okay, but
kind of where in that place

where she can get annoying if
she's too being way too cutesy

or whatever about it. Yeah,
ariden apparently likes genocide

, so I don't like him. Fair
enough, faferi. I couldn't

fucking tolerate reading her
fucking pester logs.

Jackie: So I barely.

Moosie: I just skimmed through
those between her and Ariden.

Jackie: That's fair.

Moosie: Because, yeah, i just
can't stand reading those

parentheses for H's Solix seemed
okay, but also not a lot of

personality, and then he died. I
just noticed he has two

different color shoes.

Jackie: Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah.

Moosie: Yeah. So I mean, i guess
the people who stood out the

most for me were like Carcat,
tavros, varyska, iradia and yeah

, i guess maybe Equius a little
or something, and I know like

Solix was in there a lot, but I
don't know.

Jackie: That's fair And just
extremely. I feel like he would

have been. I feel like you have
this soul of someone who started

reading this right after,
problemslooth And, just like you

were like you have the soul of
one of the old school fans who

were like wait, what's with all
these trolls? What's this about

shipping? I don't care about any
of this. Let's go back to the

coding puns. Yeah.

Moosie: Where are these guys
getting in the way of the nerdy


Jackie: Extremely funny. I love
that for you. I mean, i hate

that for you because it does
mean that I just don't know how

you're going to feel about the
rest of it. Like this was a lot

of. Like this was a big
exposition act because you know

it was explaining everything
that happened to the trolls

before they started talking to
the humans.

Moosie: Yeah.

Jackie: And they obviously,
between the 12 of them, had a

lot of a backstory to go through

Moosie: Yeah, and another thing
with this whole sub act I guess

was I thinking about it so far
reading Homestuck we've been

waiting for the kids to get into
the game and then they're all

kind of like in the game and
getting ready And then we start

Act 5 1 and now we're still not
in the game. Now we have to

introduce 12 more people before
we see anything. And I'm just

sitting here like 2000 pages in
like are we actually going to

see anything in the game besides
just little bits? here and

there? Is there going to be an
adventure? they go on. Are we

just going to be sitting around
talking about shit for forever?


Jackie: Yeah, because Jade still
isn't in the game.

Moosie: Damn.

Jackie: Yeah, oh yeah, i'm
really excited to see what you

think about Act 5, act 2. I
think it's going to be more of

what you want, but yeah, i'm not
sure. So you said that you also

didn't understand the troll
relationship stuff.

Moosie: Yeah, And there are like
two different parts of the

story that had really long
explanations for them And I did

print out the quadrant and I
tried to write stuff down but

then I just didn't read the
hussy explanation of it. I just


Jackie: To be fair, the second
explanation is just a copy and

paste of the first one, just all
in one page, instead of on like

four or five different pages.

Moosie: Okay, yeah, i'm just

Jackie: Which then in the author
notes he copies and pastes it

side again.

Moosie: Okay, yes, is hating
hussy part of the experience.

Jackie: Oh, absolutely Yes, For
different reasons. People will

hate hussy for conflicting
reasons. Yes, hating hussy is an

essential part of Homestuck.
Okay, i feel. I feel like he

kind of does on purpose to point
because, like he does actively

make fun of the fans in the
comic in various ways, yeah, and

he makes one of the fans in the
author commentary, so it just

keeps on giving. I'm really sad,
actually. I keep talking about

author commentary. The last book
that's out deals with act five,

act two, and nothing since no
word. There's been no official

cancel, cancellation. But also,
like we're just kind of like

okay, we're not getting anything
from act six.

Moosie: So yeah, where was the
last book published, Like how

long ago?

Jackie: It was, was it Yeah?
March 10th 2020. So like almost

exactly three years.

Moosie: And it's been three
years since 2020. Yeah Right,

geez, yep, yep, yep. Well, i
don't know, i guess you could

blame it on COVID.

Jackie: Can you though I think
there's plenty more that was

going on in 2019, 2020 to blame
it on, because that's also

around the time that it was
announced that Hussey left? what

pumpkin, so like that was.
Another thing is like oh so are

we not getting anything more?
But I mean also that's what I

mean like it's been a whole lot.
Other people have probably

recorded the whole descent of
Viz doing bullshit and just like

, because, like Viz used to like
really promote homestuck stuff.

Because I was. I looked it up a
bit today And whenever they

first announced that they
acquired homestuck in whatever

rights it's all weird Geo has a
post that explains it more They

had like like Viz had like a
like on their booth, they had

like homestuck banners at like
conventions and stuff, like they

really promoted it as a thing,
and now it's just just nothing,

just nothing. Yeah. So I don't
know. We're kind of hopeful

because this one, this one cafe
in California right, california

Requiem Cafe, i think it's
called is hosting a homestuck

event for 413 and has like new
official merch. So people are

excited about that and hope that
means something's happening,

but I don't think it does. So
that's where I'm at.

Moosie: So, speaking of 413. So
John and them start playing the

game on his birthday and then
the trolls start playing on

Carcats wriggling day. Is that
relevant or is that a


Jackie: So it's kind of in the
way that, like numbers are

relevant. 612 is Carcat day, so
June 12th, so 612 will pop up

over and over. In reference to
the trolls, okay, i think it's

said at this point somewhere
that their session lasts for 612

hours. It's just one of those.
413 pops up everywhere, 612 pops

up. Well, they do live.

Moosie: Okay, i was wondering if
it was related to like, i don't

know, the game triggers on a
birthday or blah, blah, blah.

Jackie: It's. it's more like
solidifying car cat, as the John

parallel for the trolls, uh-huh

Moosie: Okay.

Jackie: Yeah, i mean there might
be more meta about it or I

could be missing something, but
it's more just putting the

parallels there. Uh-huh, i'm
stuck at something, if not

repeating the same thing, but a
little bit different all about

patterns, yeah, patterns and
references, and in jokes.

Moosie: So my question for you
is when did you start enjoying

home stuck?

Jackie: I think it was act five.
Well, you know, probably like

the ending animation for act
four was was really big And I

think that just tugged on a big
emotional thing more than like

anything else had at that point,
and that got me hooked. And

then I I loved all the stuff.
Well, i'm trying to remember. I

think at some point I was
frustrated at wanting to go back

to the humans and figuring out
what's going on with them, and

Especially towards the beginning
of act five, act one, i had a

hard time getting into it
because I'm like, okay, well, i

have to start over with all
these people, but as we got in

deeper and again, you know, make
her pay another, like basically

end of act animation, and in
fact animations really get me, i

guess is what I'm saying. Yeah,
all the Learning, the trolls

and the discourse between the
trolls Got me. But you know,

again it's hard whenever you do
focus on trolls that I cared

less about than others. I don't
know, like at this point where

we're about halfway through, i
think, act five, act two, i

can't remember if act six is the
like, the entire second act,

half of home stuck like
lengthwise or Maybe about now is

about half of home stuck
lengthwise, but um, yeah, cuz

the last page it says is 8000.

Moosie: Well, is this the
rapture and credits? that's act

seven or something. Yeah 8,130
and we just got to 2625.

Jackie: God, there are so many

Moosie: It also would have
helped if I had, if I had a map

in a way of like how many, how
much words are on each page? It

would have helped me to realize
that the last handful of pages

in Act five one are just like
mostly pictures and not having

to like yeah, yeah, being like
okay, i, it's not gonna be

another a hundred pages of
pester logs three.

Jackie: Yeah, that that is hard
Because, yeah, sometimes the

pester logs are Just you have to
keep scrolling and scrolling

and scrolling. It's so long and
sometimes, yeah, it's, it's 20

pages. Of this hasn't happened
yet, But there's a point later

on where it's just like two
characters looking at each other

And then they just like one
panel is one, the other, and

then the next page is the panel
of the other, and then it's back

to the first and just back and
forth, like zooming in for like

several in a row. Yeah that's
why page numbers are just so

hard to like go by, especially,
and then if you include that

there's more mini games coming
up right. Okay, yeah so, and

some of them are kind of lengthy

Moosie: I'm gonna make a note to
see if anyone has logged out

how, how many, how much text is
on each page. I mean, cuz that

can be done by a computer as
well for the most part. Yeah, to

count that.

Jackie: I feel like I remember
act 5, act 2 being a lot more

action, but I could be
forgetting more of those memos.

Yeah, I mean there's definitely
more of the memos. Those were

all so hard to follow. Yeah, i
think you're, i think, really

getting that that mod that gets
rid of Trill quirks, the typing

quirks, is gonna help.

Moosie: Yeah, cuz like I can
read books I I read books. I've

read lots of pages of text. It's
just that when it's Lots of

pages of text and then everyone
has different lead speak, and

then your brain has to do that a
bunch of extra work of decoding

everything. Yeah which you know
. If you're reading it fresh and

you only got a few pages at a
time or whatever, then that

would have been More doable, i
think. Then, just being like

okay. I have 600 pages to read.
Here we go.

Jackie: Yeah, it doesn't help
that you were. We're sick off

and on in parts of it, so it's
not like yes, also the brain fog

the brain fog. Brain fog is
real. I was. I was just telling

you that I What I recorded a a
t-terapy g episode Last night. I

have no idea if it's gonna be
out by the time this episode is

out. I no idea. Anyway, I
created that character when I

was in a sick brain fog, So I
started the the game up

yesterday being like okay,
What's my character? Yeah, who

is this?

Moosie: I Guess my last note
about this like the story from a

meta perspective versus you
know I have notes asking for

clarification on stuff that
actually happened But like

something I've been asking
myself with this and with Final

Fantasy 14 because I just
finished Endwalker, Which is the

last expansion for now was like
can a story really be as good

as people say that it is if it's
not paced Well? like, if the

execution is bad, can the story
still be considered good?

Jackie: Yeah, even. Even Hesse
mentioned in the commentary that

people had problems with the
pacing of of this act.

Moosie: Yeah, with Final Fantasy
14, like everyone's, like this

is the best Final Fantasy story
ever and I'm just like the first

3, 4ths of each expansion suck
and then the last part is good.

Yeah, i know part of the
constraints here are like with

Final Fantasy It's an MMO, so
you have to give content to play

And, with home stuck, it was a
web comic, so it wasn't like you

know a book where you write at
the whole book and then you send

it to an editor to make it

Jackie: God forbid, anyone tried
to tell Hesse to. I can't

imagine an editor trying to deal
with Hesse. To be quite honest,

yeah, the guy just talks like
that Because we have access to

like some emails that they've
sent between people of like very

serious things and they just
That's just how Hesse talks. Hmm

, i don't know if an editor
would help. It's what I'm saying


Moosie: Yeah.

Jackie: It's like how, like some
books, like the book series,

get popular and like the first
couple of books are like, edited

pretty well, but then they get
too popular And so the author

gets to reject things more And
so the editing gets a lot worse.

Hustle would be like that from
the start.

Moosie: And like I am keeping in
mind that, yeah, this is a web

comic and this you know, you're
kind of getting a different

experience reading it now versus
when it was brand new. Like

there are still things I
appreciate about the web comic,

but I'm also just like OK,
here's my homework. I got to

read Homestuck.

Jackie: Yeah, i think it would
be funny. I feel like I said

this on the last episode too.
I'm going to say it again

because I can't remember, but I
think it'd be funny to just like

on 413, like do that Dracula
daily thing and just like

release however many pages of
Homestuck came out on 413. And

then on every day, like release
those pages and just like you.

So you get the experience as if
you were first reading it. And

then there's one point in Act 6
that we went months and months

without getting an update, and
so it's like you would just get

months and months and just not
have a Homestuck update, and

then you get it.

Moosie: So I have questions
about the story, just to like

clarify stuff as well.

Jackie: God, especially if you
just skimmed through, like what

Fafiri was saying, like yeah.

Moosie: I did read through the
summary from the raffaename page

, probably 100 pages from the
end, maybe ish is where I

stopped and just read the
summary And then I continued

reading. Ok, so there is a space
demon and the space demon has

followers. The space demon gets
summoned when the universe is

destroyed because of a tilde
death program virus. The demon

is called Lord English And then
our is the demon that stops them

from opening the door. Also the
same demon.

Jackie: So that is supposed to
be vague. And I also want to

point out that there are
unreliable narrators in

Homestuck, people who think that
they're saying true things but

also have their own limited
knowledge. Ok, at this point

it's supposed to be a theory
crafting thing.

Moosie: OK, so from what I
gathered, something that the

kids did And I forgot what, if
it was mentioned at all

something that the kids did
caused the scratch question.

Jackie: Again you're not
supposed to understand this at

this point.

Moosie: OK, but basically that's
why the trolls are trolling the

kids is because they somehow
got on the way of them being

able to open that door by
summoning the demon thingy.

Jackie: Yeah, this is going to
be act by that too. Is where

you're going to explain all this

Moosie: OK, what am I supposed
to know what a scratch is?

Jackie: yet Absolutely not. Ok.
I'll give you a hint It's being

used incorrectly, So you're not
supposed to know what it is. And

even if you did, it's wrong.

Moosie: Yeah, they just have the
gif of the flashing blob behind

the timeline log and just like,
I guess that's the scratch, I

don't. And then the scrub or
scrub was found in the ruins and

then adapted, I think by Solix
or something. I don't remember

exactly where the game comes
from for the kids themselves.

Jackie: It was just a game that
was released and was, like,

talked about in a game magazine,
so, like you, don't know any

farther than that except that it
was being. I don't think so. I

think it's just like it was just
a normal game being released.

Moosie: So I mean, clearly we
don't know yet, but I'm just

wondering if, like, it was made
by the demon or demon followers

or something like that. I'm just
still very interested in like,

what the fuck is scrub and sperm
and how did they come to be and

how are they related to the
real world in the story. Let's

see. I already asked why a
coquias perspires so much.

Jackie: Like, yeah, a queues is
just a sweaty, sweaty man.

Moosie: And then also like
already has a bot, jade has a

bot. Is there a relationship
between the box or just does

Hussie only know how to draw
robots in one way?

Jackie: Nah, hussie just knows
how to draw robots in one way. I

think it's just like a lot of
the author commentary talks

about the parallels between
various kids and the trolls, and

Jade just has a lot of
parallels with the radio and

Canaya and Nipeta. I think we're
like the three main characters

that that had paid parallels.

Moosie: OK, so if we take 12
divided by four, each kid has

three trolls that relate into it

Jackie: I don't know if that's
actually like an on purpose

thing, i remember. I only
remember Dave being mentioned in

relation to Aridon and Solux,
and then John with Carcat. Of

course, yeah, but yeah, i don't
know if it's as clear cut as


Moosie: I wouldn't put it past
him. Yeah, yeah, so that's kind

of. I'm just perhaps like I'm
less interested in the troll

characters and I'm more
interested in the world itself

and that whole, how that's put
together. And then the till

death programming language
doesn't make sense.

Jackie: Yeah, yeah, it was more
just a nice pun. Yes, I suppose

it was more just a pun. Is that?
is that better? take away the

word nice.

Moosie: Sure, it was Period Yeah

Jackie: So act five. Act two
does deal more with the world

building, for sure, but you know
every time that Homestuck

answers one question, it asks
five more. So I don't know how

satisfying it's going to be for
you, necessarily, oh my God.

Moosie: Looking at the raw thing
, name page. So act five one is

636 pages with 62,000 words and
text. Five two is the number of

words and text. Two thousand
words and text. Five two is one

thousand four hundred and eighty
one pages with one hundred and

fifty thousand words and text.
Jesus Christ, i'm really going

to have to pace myself.

Jackie: Yeah, pace yourself and
install that fucking a Mod or

feature, whichever it is.

Moosie: Yeah, and part of me is
wondering if if I should kind of

like because the synopsis seems
to be on this page anyway, also

in the same order as the comic,
it doesn't seem to like jump

ahead, much Like maybe I should
read part of the synopsis before

reading the comic, to be like
this is what I'm actually seeing

, because I don't comprehend
what I'm seeing. When I'm

reading the comic I'm like I
don't, and I read the summary

after I'm like oh, that's what's

Jackie: That's up to you. I
don't know. you know just on

your basis, on how much you you
want a peer experience or a

career at spoilers I will say I
don't know how many of the the

words might be technically
optional, but there is a mini

game where you run around and
can talk to characters and you

don't have to talk to all of the

Moosie: Yeah Well the words of
media for five one is one

thousand, but the words in media
is twenty four thousand.

Jackie: Oh, that's right, That
would be media rather than text.

I was hoping there'd be
something there, And that also.

I mean not that it would
necessarily account for that big

of a gap, but the recap is also
. there are two recaps in in


Moosie: OK, how lovely of Hussie
for them to recap things for us


Jackie: Yeah, I just might be
the last one. I don't remember

that continuing in act six.

Moosie: And then they also lists
end of act five, which is

twenty nine texts, two and nine
words in a recap. Maybe it's a

recap, i don't know. Yeah,
there's a lot.

Jackie: That is funny. It's just
so many fewer pages, but like

just so many words.

Moosie: It's almost like double
the pages from five one, but

like maybe three times the
amount of text. it feels like,

well, not quite, but yeah, i'll
have to just do some division

and figure out like when we're
going to record next and just

try to read every day.

Jackie: Yeah, I mean we can, we
can take it slower. I've been

splitting up the episodes to
where it's like you know,

because we release an episode
every two weeks but I've had

like a fan stuck episode, So
it's been like one of our

episodes really releases like
once a month just to give us

more space, especially with my
move, kind of messing stuff up

for me.

Moosie: Yeah.

Jackie: I'm really just like
sitting here trying to figure

out if you're going to feel more
satisfied on explanations at

the end of act 5, act 2, or if
it's going to be.

Moosie: If I can install that
mod and if I can paste myself

and not try to read like 200
pages in one sitting At a time,

it might go a lot better for me.
I just tend to not read it more

casually because I have to like
get out my notebook and then

get out my my stickers of all
the troll heads so I can keep

track of who is who when I'm
writing my notes, and then get

out my troll reference sheet and
all of that. So it's not like I

just sit here and read it for
funsies. It's like a it's

homework, like writing notes and
stuff. But if I were reading it

without taking notes I feel
like I just completely lost.

Jackie: That's fair There's.
there's a lot to keep track of.

Moosie: But I just have the
feeling like it's a more

satisfying read the second time

Jackie: Yeah, especially since,
like you know, there's

foreshadowing, both intentional
and unintentional, and has his

part that you, you start putting
together or you just start like

just just things click into
place a lot easier. And Yeah,

like this time, like I said, i
didn't even read the entirety,

like I started when I started
reading act five, act one, this

time, i started reading
literally every word and then

I'm just like no, i'm just
skimming and I'm going to read

the author commentary. And then
I've talked about it a lot on on

on Twitter. I've been posting
on verification my thoughts,

which is mostly there's just a
bunch of risk a meta that

doesn't even make sense, that
that we just can't even get into

yet because, like, there's so
much for risk is arc that I mean

you just haven't seen, so it's
hard to get into. Risk a meta.

They're just characters that
Hussie like, likes and doesn't

like and he tries to play it off
in the author commentary that,

no, they don't like hate
characters and things aren't

happening to this character
because they hate this character

. Blah, blah, blah. Like no, but
you do, you do express disdain

for certain characters actively.
I don't know, i don't know.

Author commentary is a blessing
in a curse. Yeah, oh, there's so

many doomsday devices and act
five, act one that I just forgot

about. Like there's the code
that our cat runs that soul

looks. Gave, gave him.

Moosie: Yeah, virus that

Jackie: There is the doomsday
device that risk created, like

started to create for Eridan.
And then I don't know if it said

in text, but an author
commentary apparently aqueous

actually did most of the work on
the doomsday device, which led

me to say like, okay, so risk
wanted to take credit for a

radio bot despite having not
actually worked on it, and is

taking credit for making this
doomsday device for Eridan that

she actually didn't do most of
the work on and just repeatedly

likes to take credit for things
that she didn't actually do. So

is risk the Thomas Edison slash,
elon Musk of the troll world,

food for thought, but for
doomsday devices. There's also,

whenever Terezzes lesses egg
hatches, that drops a big old

skull on a doomsday device. Oh
yeah, and then there's the What

is it called? the ultimate glove
, or whatever.

Moosie: Yeah the the something

Jackie: I should know it because
it's a word that gets used the

vast glove, the vast glove the
vast glove that destroys all of

troll kind.

Moosie: What? why does the
leucis do that?

Jackie: I know it was dying, but
So I forget if it's clear in

the thing, because again I read
most of the author commentary.

But that's actually a horror
terror that got put on the


Moosie: Was that related to that
book that Rose had a horror


Jackie: Yeah, so the book was
originally just supposed to be a

joke see, joke like haha, look
it's. it's like HP, lovecraft,

but it's not and then they just
ended up turning into a real

thing. But yeah, just lots of
doomsday devices. I do like how

there are tragic events and
Homestuck that are just

portrayed humorously. I don't
know. it's very funny, like

Tresi's losses, like being born
and immediately dying, is

captioned with unsurprising
development and then Tresi

reacting to it is with genuine
distress to show like, yes, this

is tragic, tresi is upset about
this, but it's also fucking

funny. And then, like a brisket,
getting her eye and arm blown

off is fucking funny because
she's like how am I going to die

? And the ball is like I'm going
to blow up in your face and

then it blows up in her face.
It's very funny And I just like


Moosie: But then she didn't die.

Jackie: Yeah, she didn't die. Oh
yeah, one of the characters

that Hussie unapologetically
loves and like roots for all the

time is equious, which is
extremely funny to me.

Moosie: The sweaty one.

Jackie: The sweaty one Also.
this will become more apparent

as we continue to read Homestuck
, But Hussie pointed out a line

that that they saw online.
someone else described these two

characters but to resise
chaotic, lawful and Frisca is

evil good.

Moosie: Huh, like evil lawful or
just chaotic good.

Jackie: Like that's the thing,
is they just like don't

subscribe to like the typical
like thing. So it's so Tresi,

chaotic, lawful, frisca, evil,
good, okay.

Moosie: I see.

Jackie: I do. I do want to pet a
shipping chart. I wish we had

the whole thing, yeah, her whole
shipping wall. I think that

would be fun, especially because
she has like little notes on it

and stuff. Why does she have a
shipping wall? She's just one of

the people who, who, who ships
her friends.

Moosie: Yeah, i read somewhere
that you shouldn't be shipping

real people, but I guess these
aren't real people.

Jackie: See, yeah, i also think
that, like I don't think you

should make you shipping other
people their problem, i think

it's only natural that you
secretly ship other people. Yeah

, i think you see two people and
just go.

Moosie: And definitely I have
two friends. I'm like you guys.

You guys have chemistry, but
you're not admitting it.

Jackie: I think that's fine, as
long as you don't make it their

problem, which you know. Nipeta
just has her wall in her own

cave, far away from everyone
else and just updates it weird.

Yeah, i mean she is supposed to
be the weird furry shipper,


Moosie: Yeah, I as far as like
the troll romances. How much is

that going to come into play?

Jackie: like the quadrants, yeah
, or just the shipping in


Moosie: Oh, I mean like the
quadrant types and what each

type means.

Jackie: No, i mean it's more
there as a running gag, that

like you'll have the humans like
John there who will just not

understand it, like they're
still going to be references to

it, but like I don't think,
hussie, like I don't think

Homestuck ever operates on you
being forced to understand their


Moosie: Okay.

Jackie: Like people get into
arguments about which quadrants

people actually fit in and how
to interpret those and stuff

like that, but that's more for,
like, phantom meta than it is in

in the comic. You need to
understand this for sure. Yeah,

i don't think that it's super
required. Like I think that the

two main ones that is, like
sometimes you like people in a

way that you like, like them,
like them, and sometimes you

like people in a way that you
hate them, like them, are them.

And then sometimes you like
people in a way that's really

just seems like best friends and
me saying that will get me

massacred online. And then the
fourth way no one fucking knows.

Moosie: Yeah.

Jackie: People will tell you
that they know how it works and

some people might. But yeah, no,
it's not a. I don't know like

it comes up the different
flavors of the relationship, but

like it's usually met with, i
don't know if this is actually

how it's supposed to work. It
seems really weird and bad.

Maybe, i don't know. Yeah, i
don't think you not

understanding how it works is
going to enter you at all.

Moosie: Because that wall of
text. I was like I see, why are

you doing this to me?

Jackie: because because has he
hates you and everyone else who

has ever read Homestuck, or
everyone's to also. So one fun

thing from the commentary is so
Ayriden is a query is right, and

so query is is one of those. So
like sometime in I believe it's

like the medieval period,
someone decided to add elements

to the zodiac right. It did not
originally back and, like the

ancient Greece times, did not
have elements ascribed to them

as far as I'm aware. But
sometime they decided to add it

and so that meant that you had
some clear, clear water signs

that they did not make water
because they couldn't have a

couple water back to back. So
Aquarius ended up being an air

sign and has. He was very mad
about that, but that's why

Ayriden seahorse dad flies In.
Why some other aquatic like

lusci fly is because Aquarius is
an air sign.

Moosie: And that's just very
funny to me. He hasn't been

underwater very much.

Jackie: Yeah, I think that's
what it said. If not, I'm going

to say that's what it said.

Moosie: Yeah, it was something
like she feathery or something

said like for someone who hates
the land dwellers, you spend a

lot of time up there, or
something like that.

Jackie: Yeah, no, no, he for
sure mainly stays above water.

It's just, it's just so dumb. I
say this also as a Capricorn,

who is a literal like fish goat.
I got a fish tail and I'm an

earth sign.

Moosie: Well, clearly the people
assigning elements just did not

foresee the home stuck.

Jackie: Yeah, i mean really,
they just, they just I don't

know I'd have to research it to
really figure out what they were

thinking, but it really just
feels like they didn't want like

all the water signs back to
back, like next to each other,

so they had to split it up, like
you know earth, air, water,

fire And it just didn't work out
for the actual symbolism that

was there.

Moosie: Yeah, sometimes you just
got to have the water signs

back to back.

Jackie: Yeah, Which is really to
say if you're into the occult

neopaganism, whatever, just
throw it all away and do

whatever you want with it.
People back then didn't know

what they were saying. You can
say, you can have the say now.

They're just as dumb as you are.

Moosie: Indeed Psy tangent to my
non existent occultist podcast.

Jackie: Okay, yeah, i think
that's all the relevant stuff.

Just a lot of it was me copying
and pasting Briska Metta,

because Briska Briska just she's
a complicated character, but

there are just fans out there
who refuse to see her, or any

character, as a complicated
character And it's very

frustrating. I mean, you've
heard the Briska though did

nothing wrong meme. A lot of
people say that like tongue in

cheek. Some people say that and
they mean it. So in other media,

are you a big like chipper

Moosie: Usually I'm pretty
oblivious. I don't necessarily

know if there's undercurrents of
feelings there until it's not

in the subtext.

Jackie: Yeah, Do you. And you
don't do any like personal

shipping, even if there's no
like intentional chemistry, you

don't do any pairings yourself.
No shipping wall.

Moosie: I was trying to think of
, like what media I've even

watched recently to do that, And
like I watched through shadow

of bone recently. But I'm just
like I like the relationships

that are already here. Fair
enough, Yeah. I can't think of.

let's see, oh, i guess again in
Final Fantasy 14, i want Sid and

Nero to be boyfriends, but
that's like really the only

thing I can think of.

Jackie: That's fair. You know
it's not everyone's big thing.

Big thing in Homestuck is we
have so many characters, so many

characters. This isn't even all
the main characters yet.

Moosie: Oh, good Yeah.

Jackie: In case you were worried
. You're like I don't think

there's enough characters
introduced yet. Now, fear not,

there are more main characters
to be introduced.

Moosie: Need to start that
spreadsheet of main character


Jackie: Yeah, and it kind of
depends on how you define main

character. I personally say
there are six more main

characters to be introduced And
it leads to a lot of shipping.

Yeah, so overall not a huge fan
of Act 5. Act 1, big old

exposition background lore dump
Well, not really lore character,

lore, i guess dump.

Moosie: Yeah, part of it's also.
just I tend to read like again

200 pages at a time And then I'm
like I spend like half an hour

on one Pester log page. I'm just

Jackie: Yeah, that's, that's
fair. Hopefully there will be

more world building lore next
time. That will be nice. I'm

also trying to think, because
some of the media in text, not

in text, some of the text in the
media might be hard to read.

Okay, i think that's actually
fine. I think it'll be fine.

Yeah, i can't remember if it
might also just have a summary

beneath it of what it says. I
can't remember exactly. We'll


Moosie: We'll burn that bridge
when we get there.

Jackie: Yeah, absolutely, and
yeah, and you can hit me up in

between if you need some
explanation of something, or we

could just wait till here and I
can explain to you that Equius

is just a sweaty man and there's

Moosie: I mean, why does it keep
getting brought up? What is the


Jackie: Equius just meant to be
this very creepy, gross seeming

guy in being in like him,
sweating with his glasses or

something. Yeah, he just breaks
things. But it technically might

have narrative symbol, the
symbolism later, which would be

which I don't know author
commentary stuff for stuff.

That's just entirely not
relevant right now. But I think

it's just meant like he's a
strong boy and accidentally

breaks things And, you know,
maybe his sweaty has to do with

how he's has this like he's
mutantly strong even for his

cast. But now it's just supposed
to be like he's getting hot and

bothered in conversations and
that is shown as him being

sweaty and needing a towel.

Moosie: Gross.

Jackie: Yeah, yeah, but I'm sure
all the musk lovers out there

are real into it. Oh, sorry,
side note that I just remembered

. So I had read earlier that the
reason Tavros is in a

wheelchair is because people
theorized he was in a wheelchair

from his first. You know the
first like look that you got at

him back in act four whenever
you just got like one snapshot

of like the trolls that were
doing the trolling is for some

reason his snapshot looked like
he was in a wheelchair, even

though he wasn't at the time. In
Hussey's mind He was not in a

wheelchair, he was just supposed
to be sitting at a computer

desk. But but the but part of
the fandom just decided he was

in a wheelchair and has he's
like, yeah, sure, so it's really

not briscus fault. Yeah, you
guys forced Riska to throw

Tavros off a cliff. Look what
you did. It's. It's really funny

whenever fandom stuff comes in,
because I didn't know that that

bit of war, uh huh, but yeah,
any, any closing thoughts before

we wrap up Somebody once told
me the world is going to roll me


Moosie: No, I had an accident.
No, I can't think of anything.

Jackie: OK, cool Yeah. so plug
your, plug your, plug your shit.

Moosie: Go to mooseadieitio and
look at my video games and zines

. Thanks, Awesome.

Jackie: And remember, guys, if
you have any Homestuck project

coming up, you can go ahead and
DM me on Twitter or join the

discord and DM me or whatever,
and I'll try to get you. Um, i'm

hopefully scheduling one coming
up. We'll see if I do more. Um,

and yeah, always out here to to
promote other projects And we

will see you in two weeks.

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