Homestuck Ship Names


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Characters Involved Portmanteau/Other Names
John Egbert/Rose Lalonde JohnRose, Grimdorks
John Egbert/Jade Harley JohnJade, Prospitcest, Dorkcest
John Egbert/Terezi Pyrope Blues Clues
John Egbert/Nepeta Leijon Teacup-Cakes, Air Shipment
John Egbert/Vriska Serket Johnvris, Con Heir, Spider8reath, Nic-Caged, Do You Remem8er Me, Heirachnid, Con Heir
John Egbert/Jane Crocker Cakeship, Prancake
John Egbert/Roxy Lalonde Breathalyzer, Roxygen, Do the Whisky Thing, Saviour of the Dreamers
John Egbert/Meenah Peixes Stormy Seas
Dad Egbert/Mom Marriage, Margarita Cake
Nanna/Grandpa Harley Foxy Oldies
Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider RoseDave, DaveRose, Dersecest, Knightlight, Snarkcest, Sunburst
Rose Lalonde/Sollux Captor Bees in a Rosebush
Rose Lalonde/Eridan Ampora Wizard shipping
Rose Lalonde/Jake English Gun 'n Roses
Dave Strider/Jade Harley DaveJade, JadeDave, Time and Space, Spacetime, Bitch in Heat, Christmas, Space Time Continuum, Strawberry Kiwi, Harley Davidson, Mistletoe, Space Jams
Dave Strider/Aradia Megido Double Time, Time Warp
Dave Strider/Nepeta Leijon Coolcat
Dave Strider/Terezi Pyrope Daverezi, Cherry Glare, Just in Time, Socially Unacceptable Art, Ironically Red, coolk1ds
Dave Strider/Vriska Serket Blood in the Ocean, Hot Water, Firefly in a Spiderweb
Dave Strider/Roxy Lalonde Time for a drink, AND NOW YOU ARE BANGING HER, appletini, Dersecest
Davesprite/Aradiasprite Sprite time
Jade Harley/Karkat Vantas Kats 'n Dogs, Jadekat, Fuckasses Fucking
Jade Harley/Tavros Nitram Fairy God Ship, Bulldog, Bullfrog, Mint Chocolate, Mint Chocoolate Chip
Jade Harley/Sollux Captor Coding at 3 in the Morning
Jade Harley/Gamzee Makara Clown Dog
Jade Harley/Eridan Ampora Dogfish
Jade Harley/Jake English Prospitcest, Guncest
PM/Bec Noir Blackmail, Salt and Pepper
PM/HB Love Letters
PM/WV Constitutional Monarchy, Postal Shipping
WQ/WK Royal Shipping, The Reunited Lovers
Aradia Megido/Tavros Nitram Bullfrog, Team Charge
Aradia Megido/Sollux Captor AraSol, Solara, Soladia, Maid of Honey, Honeymaid, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Primary Colours, Strawberry Banana, Raspberry Lemonade, Corpse Party, 2spooky
Aradia Megido/Karkat Vantas Ghost Crab, Rusty Crab, Red Dead Redemption, Time of the Knight, Blood Red, Swearing on the Grave, Bring You Back
Aradia Megido/Equius Zahhak Equiara, SadoMasoRoboNecroBestiality, Robolove, Rose and Violets, Pepsi Cola Dark, Iron Maiden, Blue Raspberry
Aradio Megido/Gamzee Makara Indiana Jonesing For a Fix
Aradia Megido/Eridan Ampora The Prince and the Pauper, Time for Hope
Aradia Megido/Jake English Adventure time, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Green Skull
Aradiasprite/Tavros Nitram Bullfrog, Team Charge
Tavros Nitram/Nepeta Leijon cavalreapurr
Tavros Nitram/Kanaya Maryam Peanut Butter and Grub Sauce, fashionabull, Pink Triangle
Tavros Nitram/Terezi Pyrope dragonfly
Tavros Nitram/Vriska Serket Vristav, Tavris, Tavriska, Spiderbull, Pupa Pan and Tinker8itch, Adios Spider8itch, Peanut Butter and Bitch Sandwich, 8-Bull
Tavros Nitram/Feferi Peixes Bull fish
Sollux Captor/Nepeta Leijon Lemon 'n Lime, Double Mew Mew, RGB
Sollux Captor/Kanaya Maryam Queen Bee, fashion bee
Sollux Captor/Terezi Pyrope Blind Pair, Troll Cops, blind love
Sollux Captor/Vriska Serket Lemons and Blueberries, Blueberry Lemonade, The Psychic Friends Network, double trouble
Sollux Captor/Feferi Peixes SolFef, Cuddlefish, Pink Lemonade, Sea-Saw, Bumblebee Tuna
Sollux Captor/Jane Crocker Honey bun
Sollux Captor/Roxy Lalonde Long Island Iced Bees, Hackertime, hacker buddies
Karkat Vantas/Nepeta Leijon Karkitten, Karcat, Katnep, Karkatnep, Katnip, Nepkat, Kitten Cancer, Catshipping, Sourpuss, Carcino, Catnip, Cat-ch the Crab, Christmas, Kitkat, Cat Osmosis
Karkat Vantas/Kanaya Maryam Kankat, Karkan, Karnaya, Bloody Mary, Crabby Vampire, Mary Christmas
Karkat Vantas/Terezi Pyrope Karezi, Adorabloodthirsty, Candy Red, Red Dragon, Blind Rage, Blind Fury, Candy Cane
Karkat Vantas/Vriska Serket Vriskat
Karkat Vantas/Feferi Peixes Katfish
Karkat Vantas/Jane Crocker Crabcakes
Karkat Vantas/Meenah Peixes leadership
Nepeta Leijon/Equius Zahhak Meowrails, STRONG Catnip
Nepeta Leijon/Gamzee Makara Better than Catnip, Dark Purrnival, Catnip Pie
Nepeta Leijon/Eridan Ampora Catfish
Nepeta/Doc Scratch Cat Scratch
Nepeta Leijon/Jake English Greenmanship
Nepeta Leijon/Dirk Strider Ship of the Heart
Kanaya Maryam/Gamzee Makara Clown Hunting, Olives and Wine, Blood Thirsty, Grapevine
Kanaya Maryam/Eridan Ampora Saw Right Through You, Angler Fish, Sea-Saw
Kanaya Maryam/Dirk Strider Rainbow Dash
Terezi Pyrope/Gamzee Makara Gamrezi, Court Jesters, Juggalo Justice, Blind Rage, Tainted Justice
Vriska Serket/Equius Zahhak 8100, Blueshipping, Heirachnid, Neigh8ors
Vriska Serket/Gamzee Makara Eight of Clubs
Vriska Serket/Eridan Ampora Lucky Charmps, Bad Ass RP Mates
Equius Zahhak/Feferi Peixes Arrowfish
Equius Zahhak/Roxy Lalonde Shipping Void
Gamzee Makara/Feferi Peixes Clownfish
Gamzee Makara/Jane Crocker Cannibutter, Crockpot
Gamzee Makara/Roxy Lalonde Motherfucker, The Hangover, Mardi Gras, Wonkhonk
Eridan Ampora/Feferi Peixes EriFef, Feferidan, Arrowfish, Cuddlefish, Half-life, Life has Hope, Fish Kisses, Make a wwis)(!, eriferi
Eridan Ampora/Roxy Lalonde White Wixards, Wwizards!, Shipping is Majyyk, Scarf Shipping, Together Alone
Doc Scratch/Handmaid Omnipotent Trickster
Summoner/Mindfang Muddy Ship, Flying Spider
Psiioniic/Condesce Literal Shipping, I'm in love with my car
Signless/Disciple The Leader and his Lover, Christmas, The First Ship
Dolorosa/Grand High Blood Motherfucker
Dolorosa/Dualscar Planned Parenthood
Redglare/Dualscar Courtship
Grand Highblood/Condesce MoThErGLUBB-ERS
Jane Crocker/Jake English SkullCake, Prospitcest, English Muffin
Jane Crocker/Dirk Strider Fun with Dirk and Jane, Thinking With Portals, Portalship
Jake English/Roxy Lalonde Double Pistols and a Wonk, Double Pistols and a Drink, Panache and Stagger, Shotgun, Our Drunken Adventure
Jake English/Aranea Serket Skulls 'n Spiders, whomping widow
Roxy Lalonde/Dirk Strider Cat in the Hat, My Little Brony: Drinking is Majyyk, Le Sign, Dunkin Donuts, Passion Fruit and Mango, Dersecest, Sherbert, Neorails
Roxy Lalonde/Hal Strider Martini Glasses
Calliope/Caliborn Uucest, Cherry Limeade, Calcest
Rufioh Nitram/Aranea Serket Windfang
Mituna Captor/Latula Pyrope radrom
Kankri Vantas/Latula Pyrope social justice
Meulin Leijon/Kurloz Makara rydas and ninjettes


Characters Involved Portmanteau/Other Names
John Egbert/Dad Egbert John Loves His Daddy, Daddy Dearest
John Egbert/Dave Strider JohnDave, Hammertime, Pepsi Cola, America, Windy Time, Prankster Gangsters, Herolance Bromance, Movie Knight, Brofriends
John Egbert/Tavros Nitram Breathplay, Breath Bros
John Egbert/Karkat Vantas Johnkat, Communism, Hammer and Sickle, CrabCakes, Vanbert, Boyfriendleaders
John Egbert/Equius Zahhak Heir Force One
John Egbert/Eridan Ampora Johnafin
John Egbert/Jake English Windicuffs
John Egbert/Dirk Strider JohnDirk, Tide Pod, Prince of Fresh Air
Dad Egbert/Dave Strider Father Time
Dave Strider/Bro Strider Stridercest, Major Dirk Sucking
Dave Strider/Tavros Nitram Davros, DaveTav, Time for Sick Fires, Timetabull, Redbull, Burned Disc, Caramel Apples, A Knight and his Page, S'mores, TaDa, Knight Ride
Dave Strider/Sollux Captor The Birds and the Bees, Applebees
Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas Davekat, Crabapples, Knightsmanship, About bloody time, Red Knights, Knights of the Red Table, One Knight Stand, Movie Knight, Penis Ouija, That Time of the Month, Red Knight District
Dave Strider/Equius Zahhak Knight Mare
Dave Strider/Gamzee Makara Strawberry Jam, Jam^2
Dave Strider/Jake English Super Mario Bros, Adventure Time
Dave Strider/Dirk Strider Stridercest
Bro Strider/Lil Cal Brocal
Bro Strider/Grandpa Harley Foxy Grandpa
Bro Strider/Alpha Dave Strider Guardiancest
Lil Cal/Dirk Strider Dirkcal
Davesprite/Tavros Nitram Red Bull Gives You Wings
Davesprite/Gamzee Makara Orange Marmalade and Grape Jam
Davesprite/Eridan Ampora Orange Marmalade and Grape Jam
Hussie/Rufio The Real Pupa Pan and his Fangirl
Tavros Nitram/Sollux Captor Sick Firewalls
Tavros Nitram/Karkat Vantas Chocolate Cherries, Bullcrab, Oranges, Red Oranges, Oranges and Apples, Oranges and Cherries, Redbull
Tavros Nitram/Gamzee Makara GamTav, PBJ, Bad Rappers United
Tavros Nitram/Eridan Ampora The Prince and his Peasant, Bull Fish, Hipster PBJ, Torso Bros, Legless Love, Toreashore, Surf n Turf
Tavros Nitram/Summoner 1cest
Sollux Captor/Karkat Vantas Solkat, Ketchup and Mustard, Crabs and Bees, McDonalds, A Knight of Bees
Sollux Captor/Equius Zahhak Biceps, Hardware Software
Sollux Captor/Eridan Ampora Erisol, Aerosol, Nerd Fight, Complementary Colours, Blinded by Science, soleri
Sollux Captor/Jake English Double Butler Island
Sollux Captor/Dirk Strider Honey and Clementines
Karkat Vantas/Equius Zahhak Seat and Tears, Indecent Love Affair, Knight Mare
Karkat Vantas/Gamzee Makara Gamkat, Gamkar, Moirails with Benefits, A Knight of Honks, Redpop, Tropicshipping
Karkat Vantas/Eridan Ampora A Prince and His Knight, The Prince's Knight, Crab Sushi, Pufferfish, Marooned
Equius Zahhak/Gamzee Makara Used to be a Ship but Then it Took an Arrow to the Knee, High Horse
Equius Zahhak/Eridan Ampora Seahorse, EriEq
Equius Zahhak/Dad Crocker STRONG meets mangrit
Equius Zahhak/Dirk Strider Robot Unicorn, Hoofbeasts, Bronies with Benefits, Robot Unicorn Attack, Sexbots, Pony Pals, Heavy Breathing
Gamzee Makara/Eridan Ampora Clownfish, Where Land Meets Sea, Jellyfish
Gamzee Makara/Grand Highblood Insane Clown Posse
Eridan Ampora/Dualscar Aquariuscest, eridual, dualeri, amporacest
Eridan Ampora/Jake English Hopeshipping
Eridan Ampora/Dirk Strider Princely Ship
Eridan Ampora/Cronus Ampora Ericro, Croeri, Amporacest
Summoner/Grand Highblood Sassy Addiction, Horny Old Men, The Grand Summoning
Summoner/Dualscar Flying Fish
Psiioniic/Signless Primary Colours, Psiignless
Psiioniic/Dualscar dualpsii
Psiioniic/Dirk Strider Mac'n Cheese
Signless/Grand Highblood Red Sea
Dualscar/Cronus Ampora dualcro, crodual, amporacest
Jake English/Dirk Strider DirkJake, JakeDirk, Pumpkin, Pistol Pony Rodeo, Skullcap, Save a Horse Ride an Adventurer, Peas and Carrots, Ireland, Gunblade, Brokeback Mountain, Applejacks, Popping Caps and Collar,s Portal Panromantics, Portal Plas, Cooling Cake, Broccoli and Cheese, Sherbert, Pumpkin Rodeo, Pumpkin Patch
Dirk Strider/Caliborn Dirkuu, Dirkborn, Dirkcal
Dirk Strider/Alpha Dave Strider Alphacest
Rufioh Nitram/Horuss Zahhak mechanicalbull
Rufioh Nitram/Kurloz Makara pbj2 electric boogaloo
Mituna Captor/Kurloz Makara m1m3 50rry
Mituna Captor/Cronus Ampora crotuna, bad touch
Kankri Vantas/Cronus Ampora Cronkri


Characters Involved Portmanteau/Other Names
Rose Lalonde/Mom Lalondecest
Rose Lalonde/Jade Harley JadeRose, RoseJade, Gun 'n Roses, riflerose
Rose Lalonde/Nepeta Leijon Octopussy
Rose Lalonde/Kanaya Maryam Rosemary, Grimsnark, Hot Lesbians on a Meteor
Rose Lalonde/Terezi Pyrope Roserezi, Seership
Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket Rosevris, Lightship, blue rose
Rose Lalonde/Feferi Peixes Tentacleshipping, The Innsmouth Look
Rose Lalonde/Roxy Lalonde Lalondecest, Wizard Shippers
Mom/Dolorosa Mothership
Jade Harley/Nepeta Leijon Iced Tea, Cats and Dogs, Olive garden
Jade Harley/Kanaya Maryam Spaceship
Jade Harley/Terezi Pyrope Jaderezi
Jade Harley/Vriska Serket Jadevris
Jade Harley/Feferi Peixes JadeFef, The Witches, The Dreamers, Horror Cuties, Tanglebuddies
Jade Harley/Roxy Lalonde Lime Martini
WQ/BQ Black and tan cocktail
Aradia Megido/Kanaya Maryam corpse party
Aradia Megido/Vriska Serket Revenge, fluorite octet
Aradia Megido/Feferi Peixes Arafef, The Princess and the Pauper, The Master and her Maid, Time of our Lives, hemocircle
Nepeta Leijon/Terezi Pyrope Scratch n Sniff, Cardiac Arrest
Nepeta Leijon/Feferi Peixes Catfish, Cuddlekits
Nepeta Leijon/Jane Crocker Teacup-cakes
Nepeta Leijon/Roxy Lalonde Going Rogue
Kanaya Maryam/Terezi Pyrope Kanrezi, Crimson Dress, See-Saw, Taste the Rainbow, fashion police
Kanaya Maryam/Vriska Serket Vriskan, Spidermoth, Sparkling Sapphires, Dirty Little Serket, Croissants
Kanaya Maryam/Dolorosa Now Neither of Us Will Be Virgins
Terezi Pyrope/Vriska Serket Vrisrezi, Scourge Sisters, Scourgecest, Team Scourge
Vriska Serket/Feferi Peixes vrisfef
Vriska Serket/Mindfang Yo Hoes
Vriska Serket/Meenah Peixes Les8ifins 2.0
Feferi Peixes/Jane Crocker The Heiresses, Ship of Life, Heiresses for life
Feferi Peixes/Meenah Peixes Piecescest
Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde Cotton Candy, Lime Martini, Betty Cocktail
Jane Crocker/Calliope Key Lime Pie
Roxy Lalonde/Calliope Calliroxy, Margarita, Skullcandy, jUjUbabes, snake wine
Roxy Lalonde/Caliborn JuJuBABES
Roxy Lalonde/Meenah Peixes Cotton Condy, Dreamers and the Dead, Drunken Fish, Beer Goggles, Fish Flambe, Lobster Flambe
Aranea Serket/Meenah Peixes Les8ifins, Gillfronds, Hardcore Sweeties

Self Ships

Characters Involved Portmanteau/Other Names
John Egbert Prank War
Dave Strider Timelords
Sollux Ampora Geminicest

Threesomes and Moresomes

Characters Involved Portmanteau/Other Names
John Egbert/Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider/Jade Harley Beta OT4, Kids 'n Fun
Kanaya Maryam♣Dirk Strider♣Caliborn Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Nepeta Leijon/Feferi Peixes/Kanaya Maryam The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Jade Harley/Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas Yiffty Shades of Gray
AR/PM/WV Oreoshipping
Jake English/Dirk Strider/Roxy Lalonde Irish Whiskey
John Egbert/Karkat Vantas/Jake English Shitty Movie Bros
Bro Strider/Lil Cal/Dave Strider The Master and His Puppets
Jade Harley/Equius Zahhak/Nepeta Leijon Furry Shipping
Gamzee Makara/Tavros Nitram/Dave Strider Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Karkat Vantas/Terezi Leijon/Dave Strider Adorabloodthirstycoolkidseverywhere, Tango Terezi
Equius Zahhak/Tavros Nitram/Gamzee Makara Lunch Time (PBJ and Milk)
Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde/Jake English/Dirk Strider/John Egbert/Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider/Jade Harley Alphabeta soup
Eridan Ampora/Cronus Ampora/Dualscar Amporacest
Dirk Strider/Jake English/Caliborn Ourobros
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